"This Woman Does Not Belong In Prison"

Thanks to the letters and lobbying of people like you, President Clinton issued Amy Pofahl an executive clemency and she has been released from prison after nine long years behind bars. He deserves our thanks and encouragement to release the other prisoners of the Drug War.

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President William Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC 20500

Dear President Clinton,

I write this letter to thank your for issuing Amy Ralston Pofahl your executive clemency. Without belaboring the details of her case, Amy had been victim of a cruel and disproportionate sentence for a very minor role she may have played in the illicit drug activities of her estranged husband.

I feel that Amy suffered a grave miscarriage of justice. Her story pulls at the heart and conscience of America because her penalty is harsh beyond all reason. But there are thousands of other deserving men and women imprisoned for drug offenses who also do not belong in prison. Please do not abandon them. In your final months in office you have an opportunity to do something historic by taking steps to end the drug war. Please consider issuing a general amnesty for nonviolent drug offenders.

And so it comes to you, Mr. President. The sign of a great leader is his compassion and magnanimity. You did the right thing in releasing Amy Pofahl. Now please do the right thing for others as well.