Where the Human Rights
and the Drug War exhibit
has been shown

The HRDW exhibit was launched in 1995 and has been shown in numerous venues since then. There are now multiple versions of the display that are circulating at the same time. Below you will find the historical listing of most of our previous showings.

They are listed in chronological order.

1995 Showings

Fort Mason Conference Center, San Francisco , CA, June 24 and 25, 1995. The Grand Opening presentation of Human Rights 95: Atrocities of the Drug War coincided with the 50th anniversary of the UN Charter. This highly successful event included an entertaining and a pertinent program, entitled, Give Drug Peace a Chance. The evening's program was hosted by political satirist Paul Krassner, and featured SF District Attorney Terrence Hallinan; philosopher / psychologist Ram Dass, a number of prominent Bay Area activists, and presentations of spoken word, comedy, prisoner poetry readings, and musical guests.

Bayview Opera House, San Francisco, for the month of August, 1995. Sponsored by the San Francisco Arts Commission in conjunction with the musical drama production, Prison Life.

Bushrod Community Center, Oakland, CA. In conjunction with their Fall 1995 Street Fair.

Drug Policy Foundation's Ninth Annual International Conference, at Loew's Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Santa Monica, CA, Oct. 19 to 22, 1995. This showing brought the exhibit to a broad audience of conference attendees and was open to the general public.

1996 Showings

Western Society of Criminology Conference, at the Red Lion Inn, Rohnert Park, CA, Feb. 23 -24, 1996. This event reached people specializing in the legal field.

Santa Cruz Public Library throughout the month of March, 1996. It was very well-received, and accompanied a Drug War Teach In, at which the mayor of Santa Cruz proclaimed a special day in honor of the teach-in.

Whole Life Expo, at the SF Fashion Center, San Francisco, CA, April 26 to 28, 1996.

Stanford University, Tresidder Memorial Student Union, June 2 to 7, 1996. This was accompanied by a panel discussion, entitled Re-evaluating the Drug War, with Joe McNamara, HR 95 organizers, and others.

First National Harm Reduction Conference, Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA., September 18 to 21, 1996. Attended by mental health providers, social workers, public health professionals, educators, community and spiritual leaders, researchers, academics, policy makers, law enforcement agents, and others affected by drug use and the drug economy.

Medical Marijuana Show and Hemp Festival, Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA., September 28 to 29, 1996. This was a benefit for the California medical marijuana initiative. The exhibit featured marijuana cases, only.

Oakland City Hall, CA., September 23 to October 9, 1996. Open to the general public and widely viewed by city government officials and workers.

State of the World Forum, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA., October 3 to 5, 1996. This conference was attended by world leaders and opinion makers concerned with the future of the planet. Set up was in conjunction with the roundtable entitled, "Creative approaches to the Drug Crisis," and later viewed by the greater conference attendees to the general plenary session and evening banquet.

We the People, hosted by Gov. Jerry Brown, Oakland, CA., October 17 to 25, 1996. Exhibit highlighted cocaine cases and sentencing information displayed at a forum entitled, "The CIA/Contra/Crack Connection."

• The Committee on Unjust Sentencing Awards Night, Acme Gallery, San Francisco, CA., October 21, 1996. Exhibit featured psychedelic and marijuana POWs, as part of an art show entitled, "Psychedelicatession," following a conference on Entheobotany. Human Rights 95 received an award "For Valorous Conduct in the War on Drugs."

Drug Policy Foundation's Tenth Annual International Conference, Loew's L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC, November 6 to 9, 1996.

1997 Showings

• 1997 New Mexico Legislative Session, Capitol Rotunda, Santa Fe, New Mexico, February to March, 1997. Considered "one of the highlights" of the session. Viewed by approximately 1,000 people, including lawmakers and their aides. Sponsored by the New Mexico Drug Policy Foundation.

Hemp BC, Vancouver, BC, Canada, February 18 to 20, 1997. Displayed sampling of marijuana case histories and photos in this well-known hemp store. The showing coincided with the North American Commercial Hemp Symposium at the convention center.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums Workshop, Washington, DC, March 1-2, 1997. FAMM training conference. Sampling of case histories, text, and charts.

International Women's Day, Women's Building, San Francisco, CA, March 8 to 9, 1997. Exhibit featured female POWs and "What about the children?" sections.

The Truth About Prisons, the Drug Economy, and The Growing Resistance of African People, Faith Presbyterian Church, Oakland, CA., April 19, 1997. Exhibit featured African American POWs. Viewed by attendees to the organizing workshop for the African People's Socialist Party.

The 420 Extravaganja, Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA., April 20, 1997. Hemp festival, marijuana awareness and musical celebration event. Viewed by thousands of young people at a popular San Francisco music venue. Display featured marijuana POWs. Sponsored by the Cannabis Action Network.

North American Syringe Exchange Convention, Holiday Inn on the Bay, San Diego, CA., April 25, 1997. Used transparencies of selected photos and case histories to illustrate human rights violations as part of a panel on human rights.

National Association of Sentencing Advocates Conference, Holiday Inn, San Francisco, May 1 to 3, 1997. Affiliated with the Sentencing Project. Viewed by public defenders, educators, social workers, and other criminal justice advocates.

Seeking Justice for the Imprisoned, First Congregational Church of Oakland, May 3, 1997. Sponsored by the Criminal Justice Consortium. Attended by prisoner advocacy groups, legislators, and the general public.

First Congregational Church of Oakland, CA., May 3 to June 9, 1997. Church-sponsored exhibit was open to the church congregation, students, and visiting clergy and community groups.

Criminal Justice Program of the American Friends Service Committee, Grand Opening of offices, Oakland, CA., June 7, 1997.

Young Women's Christian Association building, Oakland, CA., June 7 to July 9, 1997.

International Drug Peace Rally, Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, CA. June 15, 1997. Outdoor event held simultaneously

American Psychological Association Convention, Div.32, Humanistic Psychology seminars, Chicago, IL, July 19 to 20, 1997.

Hemptown, USA, Crissy Field, San Francisco, August 23, 1997. Hemp Expo.

Cannabusiness Convention, Castrop Rauxel, Germany, September 20-21. Featuring marijuana POWs with translations.

Hemp Industries Association Conference, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, CA, October 6 to 9, 1997.

Drug Policy Foundation Eleventh Annual Conference, InterContinental Hotel, New Orleans, LA., October 15-18, 1997.

State of the World Forum, Fairmont Hotel, Grand Ballroom lobby, SF, CA. November 6 to 8, 1997.

Mind States Conference, International House, UC Berkeley, CA, November 20 to 21, 1997. Psychedelic conference, featuring psychedelic POWs.

1998 Showings

• 10th Annual Digital Be-In, San Francisco, January 10, 1998.

Mateel Community Center, Garberville, CA., February 10, 1998. Special presentation of the display for community activists.

Somerville Public Library, Somerville, MA, February, 1998. Month-long showing.

Amnesty International, USA Annual Meeting, Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco, CA., March 21 to 22, 1998. Human Rights and the Arts Festival. Sampling of women POWs featured honoring Women's Month.

Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo, Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, March 21 and 22, 1998. Part of display, "Which growth industry for California, prisons or hemp?

Say What? Students Celebrating Freedom of Expression Conference, Sacramento, CA, March 31, 1998. Student Conference sponsored by ACLU of Northern California.

Law Offices of J. Tony Serra, SF, CA, March, 1998. Benefit auction for Prisoner Art.

ACLU of Sonoma County Annual Dinner, Petaluma, CA,

The 420 Hemp Expo, Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA, April 19, 1998. Hemp festival, marijuana awareness and musical celebration event. Viewed by thousands of young people at a popular San Francisco music venue. Display featured marijuana POWs. Sponsored by Cannabis Action Network and Positive Solutions Group, Inc.

San Francisco State University, Humanities Department, SF, CA, during May, 1998.

San Francisco Main Library, Civic Center Plaza, sixth floor Skylight Gallery, SF, CA. May 7 to June 21, 1998. Complete showing. Generated media attention and SF Examiner Magazine "Bay Area Pick of the Week." Held in conjunction with an evening program, "Transcending the Drug War," in the library's Koret Auditorium, featuring speakers, performance art, and prisoner poetry, May 12, 1998.

San Francisco Press Club, SF, CA, June 5, 1998. Press conference for Global Drug Peace Rally.

Global Drug Peace Rally, Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, CA. June 6, 1998. Speakers, information, rave. Sponsored by Legalize!Initiative, in conjunction with the 1998 Global Days Against the Drug War preceding the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs.

United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs, UN building, New York, NY, June 8 to 10. Exhibit area.

League of Women Voters National Conference, San Diego, CA, June, 1998. Set up by a New Mexico chapter and the New Mexico Drug Policy Foundation.

Petaluma Progressives festival, Petaluma, CA., June 28, 1998. Festival of speakers and information tables on various progressive issues. Exhibit received front page newspaper coverage.

UC Berkeley, Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, CA., Sept. 24 to Oct. 9. In conjunction with the Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex conference convened. Viewed by students, teachers, and conference attendees.

Earthwise Hemp Store, San Diego, CA., Oct. 10, 1998. Festival in behalf of an impending trial of defendents from the San Diego Cannabis Buyers' Club.

The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, Oct. 23 to 25, 1998. Set up for a seminar on hemp conducted by Chris Conrad.

National NORML Conference, Washington, DC, Nov. 12 to 14, 1998. Highlighted marijuana cases.

1999 Showings

Blind Eye to Justice. Black Repertory Group, Oakland California. January 2, 1999.

• 11th Annual Digital Be-In, San Francisco, January 9, 1999.

Libertarian Party Convention, San Jose, CA, February, 13-14, 1999.

Human Rights Rally, Chico, CA, February 27, 1999. Community rally in support of arrested individuals.

Second International Conference for the Prisoners of the War on Drugs, York University, Toronto, Canada, March 20-21, 1999. Slide show presentation, also.

Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo, Santa Cruz, CA, March 20-21, 1999.

National FAMM Conference, Washington, D.C., March 27-28, 1999.

Compassionate Use Benefit, Grass Valley, CA, April 10, 1999. Fund-raiser to raise money for defense fund for patient in Prop. 215 case.

Junior State of America Annual Convention, San Jose, CA, April 23-25, 1999. Program designed to help students develop skills for student government and increase political awareness.

Milestones, San Francisco, CA, month of April, 1999. Criminal justice social service agency, that provides community-based intervention and treatment services. Viewed by recovering addicts and visitors to the center.

SF Million Marijuana March, San Francisco, CA, May 1, 1999. Rally at United Nations Plaza.

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Boulder, CO, May 8, 1999. Benefit for Mothers in Prison Children in Crisis.

Seeking Justice '99, Los Angeles, CA., May 15, 1999. A one-day conference with the theme of building communities, not prisons, education vs. incarceration.

Drug Policy Foundation Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., May 12-15, 1999. Slide show presentation, also.

National Convocation of Jail and Prison Ministry, Berkeley, CA, June 26-30, 1999. Conference for religious workers.

Fourth of July Hemp Coalition, Washington, DC, July 4, 1999. Rally near the Mall.

Fairfax County Public Library, VA, throughout 1999. Placed in ten different public libraries sponsored by Virginians Against Drug Violence.

Cannabusiness Expo, Hennef, Germany, September 17-19, 1999. International conference on the various uses of the cannabis plant. Accompanied by slide show presentation on US Drug War.

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, November 13, 1999. Agape Foundation's 30th Anniversary Party.

National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter, workshop, Los Angeles, CA, December 4, 1999. One day workshop entitled, "Public Drug Policy: Deterrent or Enabler?"

2000 Showings

Criminal Justice 2000: New Century, New Directions, Doing what is just and right., St. Louis, MO, March, 2000. Conference presented for faith-based community.

A Day of Healing: Women in Prison, Families in Crisis Conference, MA, May 2000.

San Francisco State University, SF, CA, June 3, 2000. One day conference called, "Seeking Justice for the Imprisoned."

National Libertarian Party Convention, Anaheim, CA, June 30-July 2, 2000. Featured a large set hung on clothesline and called, "America's Dirty Laundry."

Los Angeles Shadow Convention, Patriot Hall, Los Angeles, CA, August 14-16, 2000. A widely advertised conference featuring celebrities and national politicians.

A New Path, San Diego, CA, September, 2000. A benefit showing for a treatment center.

Fourth Annual UN Conference on Women, University of Texas, Dallas, TX, November 11, 2000. Accompanied by slide show presentation.

2001 Showings

Congregation Temple Emanu-El, San Francisco, CA., February, 22, 2001. Slide show presentation for seminar entitled, Medical Marijuana: The Jewish Perspective.

UC Berkeley, February, 2, 2001, Slide show presentation for a class entitled, "The War on Drugs: Impact on the Prison Population.

San Francisco Women's Building, CA, March 24, 2001, Program on Women in Prison for International Women's Day. Highlighted women's cases.

ACLU Freedom Education Conference, San Jose State University, CA March 29, 2001. A day conference for high school students.

Cannabis Freedom Day, United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA, May 5, 2001.

Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo, CA, May 12-13, 2001.

The Lindesmith Center-Drug Policy Foundation Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM, May 30 to June 2.

Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana Benefit, Sebastopol Community Center, June 22, 2001.

Free At Last, East Palo Alto, CA, June, 2001. Recovery, Transition, and Youth Services Center special seminar series on the Drug War.

Never Again Rally, Tulia, TX, July 22, 2001. Rally commemorating the 2nd anniversary of a racially-charged drug sting.

First Unitarian Church, San Francisco, CA, August 4, 2001. Program entitled, "Wanted: An End to the Drug War", featuring two women who received presidential clemency.

Wose Community Church of the African Way, Oakland, CA, August 7, 2001. Program entitled, "Wanted: An End to the Drug War", featuring two women who received presidential clemency.

Seattle Hempfest, Myrtle Edwards Park, WA, August 18-19, 2001. A rally that attracted about 100,000 attendees.

University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, September 29, 2001. Conference entitled, "Shattered Lives: How the Drug Laws Hurt Hawaii's Families. Accompanied by a slide show presentation.


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Ongoing Shows and Special Editions

In addition, Human Rights and the Drug War has created these special editions of the exhibit :

Drug Peace House, Amsterdam, Netherlands, November and December, 1995. Following the Dutch installation, this complete, but modified reproduction of the original exhibit was taken to a conference on Prisoners of the War on Drugs in Heidelberg, Germany, in February, 1996. It is currently on display at the House of Hemp in London, England where it is receiving international attention and media coverage.

The Lindesmith Center West, San Francisco, CA, grand opening, May 10, 1996. A permanent installation, entitled Prisoners of the War on Drugs, is on display in the conference room at this drug policy and research center.

The Drug Policy Forum of Texas, Houston, TX, August, 1996. To be displayed at a series of forums held throughout the state of Texas, this 11- piece display entitled, "Prisoners of the Drug War," contains information and a sampling of case histories with photos that illustrate a variety of drug war issues.

New England FAMM, April, 1997. 12 piece display, used for community organizing.

Media Awareness Project, CA, August, 1997 . Internet project. 50+ piece laminate display

SLO NORML, August, 1997. San Luis Obispo, CA. 30+ piece laminated display

Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse, OR, October, 1997. Drug Education and public awareness project. 30 piece laminated set

Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii, HI, November, 1997, 13 piece laminated set

2000 BC / TheStoned Age Hemp Store, Los Angeles, CA, November, 1998, 30 piece laminated set for store and media event

MASS CANN, MA, January, 1998, 40+ piece laminate set. Displayed at Somerville Public Library, MA.

Santa Barbara Hemp Co., CA, January, 1998, 30+ piece laminated set for store

Jeffrey Stonehill, Performer, Santa Cruz, CA. 60+ piece laminated set, for performance art piece, and conferences

AU NORML, Washington, DC, February, 1998. 19 piece laminated set, for American University advocacy work

Virginians Against Drug Violence, March, 1998. 40 piece lamintaed set.

Drug Policy Forum of Texas, April, 1998, second set, 30+ piece laminated display

Drug Policy Forum of New Mexico, April, 1998, 30 + piece laminated display, used at League of Women Voters Conference, San Diego, CA. in June, 1998, amongst other showings.

Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana, April, 1998, 11 piece set, highlighting medical marijuana cases.

Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana, May, 1998, 13 piece set, highlighting medical marijuana cases. Florida-based group.

Voter Power, May, 1998, 11-piece set. Used to educate voters for medical marijuana intiative in Oregon.

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR), June, 1998, 15 piece set emphasizing civil asset forfeiture, cases and information.

Cannabis Action Network and Positive Solutions Group, Inc. July, 1998, 50+ piece set. Broad selection of exhibit.

National NORML, Oct., 1998, 55 piece set highlighting marijuana cases and mandatory minimum sentences to be used at conferences, media events, etc.

• ReconsiDer, from March, 1999, 50 piece set. Drug policy reform group based in Syracuse, NY.

• Chicago activist group, March, 1999, 50 piece set. Run by Caren Cronk.

• Chico FAMM, March, 1999. 40 piece set.

• Robert Blume, activist with Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, March, 1999, 18 piece set.

• Cannabis College, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September, 1999, 15 piece set, emphasizing marijuana cases.

• Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, Washington, DC., September, 1999, 50 piece cross-section set.

• Petaluma Progressives, Petaluma, CA., February, 2000, 50 piece cross-section set.

• Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Boulder, CO, March, 2000, 64 piece cross-section set.

• Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2000, 25 piece set, emphasizing marijuana POWs.

• Libertarian Party of Washington State, WA, September, 2000, 34 piece cross-section set.

• Minnesota Drug Policy Group, St. Paul, MN., October, 2001, 60 piece cross-section set.



Past showings in the Washington DC area

August 20, 1998 - September 5, 1998 Dolly Madison Community Library; McLean VA (display received as "wonderful--too bad we couldn't have it longer" by unidentified librarian opening display case for removal).

September 5, 1998 - September 30, 1998 Thomas Jefferson Community Library; Rt-50 (Current Display location).

October 11, 1998 - Service Unitarian Universalist Church w/sermon and presentation by Lennice Werth of Virginians Against Drug Violence.

October 18, 1998 - October 30, 1998 Fairfax City Regional Library; Fairfax City, VA

October 30, 1998 - November 31, 1998 George Mason Regional, Rt-236

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