Renee Boje*: Seeking Political Asylum in Canada

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Facing 10 years for Marijuana Conspiracy

Renee was seen watering plants for medical marijuana patient Todd McCormick and indicted as a co-conspirator. Todd was not allowed to raise a medical use defense in federal court and pled guilty for a sentence reduction of 5 years. Renee fled to Canada and faces 10 years if she is forced to return.

* While Renee played a very minimal role in her case, conspiracy laws will punish her for the activities of everyone involved, even people she's never met. You have an important opportunity to help shape the relationship between Canada and the US regarding victims of the Drug War, especially cases involving cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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Human Rights and the Drug War
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Recommended reading: Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War. Norris, Conrad, Resner. Order toll free: 888-281-5170.

Letter from Renee Boje:

My name is Renee Boje and I am fighting extradition from Canada to the US because the US Federal authorities want to lock me up in a US Federal Prison for a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years to life for medical marijuana charges. (for more details, see: In July of 1997, nine people were arrested in California, where medical marijuana cultivation is legal. These include myself and well-known medical marijuana patients, authors and activists, Todd McCormick ( and Peter McWilliams (

We will present the Canadian Minister of Justice with evidence of political persecution, miscarriage of justice and cruel and unusual punishment, as well as the benefits of medical marijuana. If we are successful, a precedent will be set that could allow other Americans who are persecuted for medical marijuana to come to Canada and live in peace, and the War on Drugs has lost a major battle.

The Canadian Justice Minister, Ann McLellan, is now deciding whether to extradite me back to the US to serve the mandatory 10 years or more in federal prison, or to let me remain in Canada, where I am safe.

My case contains expert testimony which shows that marijuana has legitimate medical uses & points out the absurdity of the US War on Drugs, in testimonies from well respected individuals, such as Noam Chomsky, Woody Harrelson & Dr. Lester Grinspoon.

If the Minister decides against me, I will appeal the decision all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Due to the elections, we do not expect a decision until January. My lawyer, John Conroy, feels it is important to keep flooding the Minister with letters, up until the point that she makes her decision. So, please act fast and spread this message far and wide.

Your letter does not have to be elaborate. If you would like some guidance, there is a sample letter in the "take action" section of

Please be sure to send my lawyer and me a copy of your letter, as well. We are keeping a record of all of the submissions in case we need to take this to a higher Court. Write a letter to Ann McLellan and mail to:

Renee Boje
PO Box 1557,
Gibsons, BC V0N1V0 CANADA

I will make copies and forward them to her.

Thank you! In unity, freedom & love,

&emdash; Renee Boje

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